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About Us

Do you ever find yourself wondering what gift to buy for “the person that has everything?” Well, you’ve come to the right place.  No matter what the occasion - birthday, Valentine’s Day, holiday, house gift, client thank you, etc., Scarf Spree’s one of a kind artisan accessories will fit the bill.  We make hand crafted textiles for humans and home - that are both sustainable and stylish.  Whether you’re buying for family, friends, loved one, or business client we have something unique and special you can feel good about giving. 

 Thank you for supporting the handmade community! 

Our Mission - To create unique designs and artisan accessories that feel great; make you proud to wear and display in your home - while being good to Mother Earth and her many beautiful creatures.

Values Pledge - We pledge to our loyal customers to remain creative, natural, inspirational, and sustainable.

Silk - Sustainability Score: 8/10

Why we use, and love silk:

      • Biodegradable.
      • Natural fibers.
      • Requires less water than other fabrics.
      • Luxurious and supple texture.
      • Timeless authentic style.

Purpose - Our purpose and ultimate goal is to always stimulate thought, emotion, and individuality.

Vision - To be an authentic, timeless, and distinctive brand respecting nature along the way.